Dear Peter Hutton, 


I first saw Study of a River when I was a student at Binghamton University. I enjoyed the quiet observations on and around the river and the sense of stillness that would suggest possible cruelty of the nature. Later, I saw At Sea, not sure if it was at New York Film Festival or Media City Film Festival, and it haunted me for a long while. It showed a similar approach you did for Study of a River but looked very different, not only because of the use of color but also you focused more on people and their work, or an idea of life, in this film. I remember, at the screening, I was thinking that a river would have a beginning and an end, while a sea would not. 

I saw you several times at film festivals but did not have a chance to introduce myself. I lost the opportunity to know you personally forever. 

I now teach at Binghamton University. The 16mm print of  Study of a River our library has is still in a good shape, and I have been showing it in filmmaking class. The film keeps surprising me and I enjoy discussing its structure and your aesthetic decisions with my students. I will show your other films to my students in the coming semester. 




Tomonari Nishikawa