Dear Ken,

how are you?


I just wanted to say that I am gonna to publish that special dossier on Jack Smith (with J. Hoberman, Jerry Tartaglia, Marc Siegel, David E. James, and others). Next week.


I also hope we can do a big special dossier about you, next year, with your cooperation.


Best, Toni

October 8, 2016



Dear Toni,


I super-approve, time for another realization of Jack’s genius.  Writing on me next year, most appreciated.


My only regret, I would’ve liked to write something regarding Jack. Something without objectivity, personally pissed and in every way off the deep end. I would've written about the cheap shoes we saw for sale placed with others on wooden crates on Second Avenue on the old Lower East Side. No, they weren’t shoes, that was the whole point! They were rubbers, made to imitate shoes, with every detail copied from shoes in relief and standing out or sinking in but all made of rubber -shoelaces! molded of rubber- and big enough to fit Jack. I urged him to buy it, thinking it would amuse him but he shot me down, choosing not to be amused and accusing me of dreadful taste. He was probably pretending he could afford them and was choosing not to, the pretentious bastard.


Best, Ken



October 8, 2016