Elementos/Jorge Honik/2017/digital, 35'


Perhaps the best of the best films seen so far in 2017, Honik's 'Elementos' which had its world premiere last month (May) in Sao Paulo is a sublime piece of art, impressionist (In Rothkoian sense where works are not merely transformed into relations of colours, but rather expressions of human emotions) in its essence, symbolist in the representation, brimful of musical tonality (recall Bach's new instrumental style at its sublime best, and the experience thereafter and its newfound power to deliver both intellectual gratification and a powerful emotional payoff) and imbibed into the Borgesian logic of ‘infinity and one’ (see Borges's short story ‘El inmortal’). 'Elementos' is a visual essay on the five elements of nature, about materiality and the lack of it in our quotidian experience, about an infinity of things that are possible only because they stand in for a single unique thing, which can only ever be seen in different forms, highly recommended for the aficionados of the finest of arts.



'Air' / "Aire"




'Water' / "Agua"




'Fire' / "Fuego"




'Earth' / "Tierra"



 'Ether' / "Éter"



I am indebted to the two wonderful, dedicated and independent programmers Aaron Cutler and Mariana Shellard who put up all their efforts to make this splendid cine series happen in Centro Cultural Sao Paulo... Kudos to them :)



Raju Roychowdhury