Dear Andy, 


I’ve wanted to write to you for a very long time.

Things have changed a lot since we were last in contact. I know, it was always a delayed kind of relationship, pretty one-way, but that doesn't meant that it wasn’t significant!

Your films have nourished many people’s fantasies, only in as far as they were seen, and finally made available. It did not make such a difference otherwise; somehow people are happier speaking about them than putting themselves through one of their screenings. Somehow the experience of viewing your films was too much (except for the « sexual comedies »). Today, it seems that your films belong to another age of cinema, another use of cinema at a moment where time was not compressed, when duration could deploy itself in our conscience as a form of introspection and fascination for a kind of campy nothingness. This campy nothingness has been examined by many, but somehow one can find it at its best in Ryan Trecartin’s world, and how his videos portray the group of people that inhabit it. Transvestites and freaks of any kind comment and respond to contemporary society and, more precisely, to how the internet has shaped, modified and transformed our behaviour.

 I think you will be at ease with this new way of relating to the world -admittedly, it’s less tactile - as well as with the fact that nowadays one can interact and manipulate their own image even while addressing someone. A sense of continuous permutability and transformation is the key. Being under the spotlight happens much quicker than your famous 15 minutes. You were optimistic! Now it would be less than 5 minutes! And there is a difference, we have to take into account the fact that through its display, films and the videos authorize a personal viewing, fragmenting a community which is no longer “underground” despite the fact that fragmentation and disclosure produce a certain kind of rarity and that segmentation stimulates the irruption of specialized audiences.

 Today superstars are commons ground, local but with a potentially global reach.

 I think you would have liked that!

 It would have been interesting to see what you made of it.



yann beauvais